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Category: Occupational Therapy

Benefits of Occupational Therapy for children with autism

Occupational therapy can be very beneficial in helping a child (or indeed an adult) with autism disorder to better cope with everyday tasks, school or work and socializing in general. Occupational therapists, like our practitioners at Sandbox Therapy Group, are experts in the social, emotional and physiological effects of mental illness. This makes them the
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Handwriting in Pediatrics and Activities to help

Working in pediatric occupational therapy, we get a lot of questions regarding handwriting. Teachers and parents tell us it is taking their children longer to finish homework because of frustration or fatigue. Luckily, handwriting can be addressed in a multitude of ways besides just repetitive paper pencil tasks. Using a multi-sensory approach can be very effective. Some of the multi-sensory activities we might include could be:

● Use of different tactile and sensory objects such as sand, play-doh, shaving cream, beads and chalk.
● Create patterns of the letters or numbers with your fingers with each medium.
● Use rolling, pinching and squeezing movements to increase finger/hand strength to support holding the pencil.
● Complete a dot to dot page while it’s taped to the table to increase hand-eye coordination.
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