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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

What services does Sandbox Therapy Offer?

We have the ability to evaluate and diagnose a range of emotional and behavioral challenges including ADHD, autism, and developmental delays. We also offer general assessment, general psychological services, and group therapy options for social skills, motor skills, and communication.

My child just had an evaluation. Do they need another one?

Typically, if a child has had a full standardized assessment in the last year, we do not reevaluate. Your intake coordinator will help determine your needs.

What ages does Sandbox Therapy serve?

We offer psychological services to people of two ages and up.

Insurance & Billing

What type of insurance does Sandbox Therapy accept?

We are not in a network with insurance. Please email us at billing@sandboxtherapy.com with any questions you have about submitting to your insurance provider for potential partial reimbursement for our services.

Can Sandbox Therapy guarantee insurance coverage for treatment?

We can not guarantee that your insurance will reimburse you for your services and recommend that you verify your out-of-network insurance coverage, preauthorization requirements, session limits, and your cost share prior to beginning therapy or an evaluation. For Regence members, You will be billed the total patient responsibility amount determined by your insurance company after claims have been processed.

Can Sandbox Therapy bill out-of-network to my insurance company?

We do not bill out-of-network. We will bill you directly and you can seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

We will provide you with whatever information your insurer requests.

Do you have a wait-list?

No, we do not have a wait-list.