Fees & Insurance Information

We are excited you came here and we hope to hear from you about how we might be able to fit into your mental health care journey! Sandbox Therapy Group is in-network until September of 2024 with some Regence BCBS plans. Otherwise, we do not accept insurance. There are a multitude of reasons behind this decision. We provide some information below that may be helpful to you in making a decision on whether or not to be treated by Sandbox Therapy Group. Further questions can be directed to us at or via our chat feature.


Diagnosis & Insurance

Did You Know That…It is incredibly important for you to consider how the potential establishment and application of a diagnosis and/or use of the term “disability” (in any officially documented capacity) can have long-term, irreversible impacts on your future. These impacts can be outside of our control.


Out-of-Network Costs

As a courtesy we offer you an estimate for possible out-of-network insurance reimbursement costs through Nirvana’s Out-of-Network Reimbursement Calculator. We cannot guarantee the final costs you will have to pay, should insurance reimburse you; we can only share with you what our costs are, through our Good Faith Estimate (GFE) at the start of your care. Any quote given by Nirvana’s Out-of-Network Reimbursement Calculator is not a guarantee of benefits or coverage; payment will be determined at the time of processing and is subject to change. Which essentially means, your insurance carrier reserves the right to tell you it is covered, reimburse you, and then within a certain amount of time request it back (meaning, it was not deemed a covered service, for whatever reasons they say). If you have a financial need, please talk to us about our sliding scale options.


Do You Want or Need to Use Insurance?

There are possible pathways to consider regarding potential out-of-network/out-of-pocket coverage through your insurance plan. Of course, the below options are not guaranteed and are provided as informational, for your convenience. Please read below to learn more about important topics, so you can be informed on what is the best path forward for you!

Case Manager

Use the number on the back of your insurance card and ask for a “case manager” or “care manager” etc. This person is being paid by your monthly premiums to do the foot-work of finding you the providers you need for medically necessary care. If claims are denied/rejected, the care/case manager helps you through this process.

Provider Deficiency

When you are attempting to find a provider and there are none that you are able to see, you can submit something usually called a “provider deficiency”. This is a way of demonstrating to your insurance that you attempted to find a provider in-network, have been unsuccessful at doing so, and you found an out-of-network provider instead that can see you ASAP. Then, they can begin to have a conversation about reimbursing for said out-of-network provider.

Filing Complaints

If you ever experience frustrations along the way and believe your insurance is not supporting your medically necessary care, you can always file a complaint to the Office of Insurance Commissioner:

What Are Our Fees (*Sliding Scale Options Available*)


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