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Perinatal Mental Health and Parent Support Program

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are common, yet often go unrecognized when family planning, during pregnancy, and postpartum. When such challenges are recognized, parents often then struggle to find specialized mental health care from a psychotherapist who really understands the unique context and vulnerabilities of the “perinatal time period”. And, even when depression, anxiety, or trauma are not a part of the perinatal and childrearing journey, adjusting to parenthood can involve significant stress as roles change, challenges are encountered, or finding enough social support proves difficult.

If you are coping with stress, loss, grief, depression, anxiety, or trauma, you are not alone and help is available. Sandbox Therapy Group’s Perinatal Mental Health and Parent Support (PMHPS) Program offers specialized psychotherapy services and parent support to prevent and treat perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, recover from trauma, strengthen parent-infant attachment, help parents cope with challenges as they build their families, heal from difficult life experiences, and learn and grow alongside their children.

The Vision of Sandbox Therapy Group’s PMHPS Program is that parents in our community experiencing perinatal mental health and parenting challenges will have access to skilled mental health care, evidence-based information, and meaningful social support that nurtures their and their family’s well-being. The Mission of the PMHPS Program is to increase awareness of, prevent, treat, and provide support for mental health and parenting challenges during the reproductive and parenting years.

About the PMHPS Team

Cynthia Good, MS, LMHC, RH, IBCLC is the Director of the PMHPS Program at Sandbox Therapy Group. In a variety of roles, she has provided perinatal and parenting support for over two decades. As a psychotherapist and EMDR therapist, she specializes in providing perinatal mental health care. She also writes and provides training nationally and internationally on topics such as reproductive loss and grief, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, traumatic birth, lactational psychology, domestic violence, and parenting children with special needs and medical challenges.

Dorothy Moore, MS, LMHC, NCC uses her training and experience in perinatal mental health to support people who are coping with anxiety during pregnancy, depression during the postpartum time period, adjusting to parenthood, and more.

Carolyn Mericle-Roche, MA, MEd, LMHCA also specializes in and has received training in perinatal mental health, including helping families cope with issues such as infertility, the journey of creating a family with assisted reproductive technology, and coping with perinatal depression and anxiety.

Please contact us at schedule@sandboxtherapy.com for more information.