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Cassandra Wilson, LMHCA

I graduated with my master of arts in counseling psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. I am currently an LMHCA working towards full licensure. A little bit more about me, I pursued the study of psychology because of my past work with children. I had been a teacher’s assistant for children in middle school, a mentor for high school teens, and had the pleasure to help raise my baby sister. Throughout my work, I have always been intrigued and curious about an individual’s development and how their personal environments have a strong influence on who they become. Studying psychoanalytic psychotherapy has allowed me to work with people in helping to navigate what it is that has most shaped who they are, and what then they can choose to do with a better understanding of themselves. Some of the areas of service that I provide is around anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and relational misunderstandings/difficulties. I am bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish and would love to provide services to those that need a Spanish speaking therapist.

In my free time, I love playing with dogs, hiking, puzzles, reading, and spending time with loved ones.

Posted by Ryan J. Conley / Posted on 12 Dec
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