Dorothy Moore



I graduated from a CACREP accredited program with my master of science in mental health counseling, from Central Washington University. I am currently an LMHCA working towards full licensure. I have also taken and passed the NCE (national counselor exam) and I am currently recognized as a National Certified Counselor by the National Board of Certified Counselors.

Who am I outside of my education? I am someone who is interested and engaged in interactions with others, especially children. I have volunteered at local summer camps, working with children for almost every summer since I was in middle school. I have further volunteered with the Louis Braille School in Edmonds for two summers while that school was open. I enjoy interacting with others and learning about who they see themselves as in their daily lives. I also strongly believe in everyone’s ability to learn and grow, especially in the individuals I work with. It is an enormous first step to seek support from someone professional and I am always honored to be a witness to someone’s hard work, determination, and personal growth.

I have experience working with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, bereavement, PTSD, and the general stresses of life. I also have training in motivational interviewing (MI) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in both group and individual settings.