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Dr. Francine Baffa, BCBA-D

I’m Francine Baffa, an individual, family and couple therapist committed to helping each client define their needs and desires, and align the steps to reach them. I have a Master of Social Work degree from NY University and a PhD from Columbia University. As a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst and LMSW I use a combination of social and behavioral sciences to enact change by providing clients with tools to self-monitor and continue the growth process even after the session ends. I love what I do…My “brand” is creating the best therapeutic relationship I can with each client. By connecting on a human level with conversation in a non-judgmental venue, our partnership will provide a strong foundation so you can try new things, change old habits, and start over again.

I help clients with disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, gender identity, and personality disorders as well as with more typical stressors of life such as career change, divorce, relationship issues, parenting, and aging. Life is complicated and each client is different and every story is multi-dimensional. Session time is there to work through these things and help clients understand that “life can be messy and that’s ok”. The family is important and media can make it hard to navigate – I help parents to develop a game plan where they work together to keep the children focused on school, family, and faith. I enjoy hiking, yoga and reading non-fiction, and spending time with those close.

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