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Jason Schlatter

Jason Schlatter


Hi there, I’m Jason! I have had the privilege of getting to work with individuals from all walks of life in a variety of settings, from troubled teens in a group home, to a teen detention center, to working with youth with behavioral challenges in public school, to college counseling centers, and group private practice. I have spent the last 4 years in private practice working with children, teens, adults, and couples. Now I look forward to getting to work with you!

Here is a little about me and how I like to conduct therapy. From the Mid-West, I enjoy taking adventures that show me new places and I love to enjoy the little things. I am an automotive enthusiast and can spend days working on or talking about cars! Spending time with close friends, treating my sweet tooth, or watching sci-fi shows and movies are among my favorite things to do. Time with people is genuinely the best investment, which is part of why I feel so passionate about therapy. I believe that building healthy relationships with ourselves and others around us is what forms a community and a society that makes us better as a whole.

I felt the call to help others in this way that I feel equipped when I young. While it is not always easy, helping others find new ways to live life and build new neural pathways is incredibly rewarding. Because not everyone is the same, I try to tailor my therapy techniques to the person I am working with in the moment. No matter what, I strive to provide a place where others can share freely without fear and make sure they feel heard. Therapy is not just a place to discuss the issues being faced, but a place to challenge those issues and try to find new ways to tackle them.

The types of therapy you can expect to see with me include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Existential-Humanistic, and an overall strengths-based approach with a strong focus on building a personal relationship. The therapeutic relationship is of great importance, as I wish to walk along-side anyone who is wanting to make a positive change in their life.

I am now here at Sandbox Therapy Group as part of my student training to become a licensed psychologist and am so glad to be part of a team that places emphasis on meeting individuals where they are in life and recognizing that mental health issues can be complex. My hope is to be a conduit for those in need of life-changing assessments and therapy services so that they may be a part of the next generation of people that not only feel more satisfied living their own life but increase the health of the world in which we live.