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Jessica Baird

Jason Schlatter


Taking care of our mental health is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. It is a reflection of every aspect of our lives. Our thoughts and feelings can be a source of self-discovery and guidance — they reveal aspects of our lives where we need to grow, whether that means we need to make big changes, improve how we behave or our interactions with others, or change how we think about things.

There are many ways that we can find meaning and purpose within our lives. For me, helping others within the mental health field is one of the most meaningful, holistic ways of serving others, where each person can feel heard and accepted and that someone is truly there for them. Throughout my life, I’ve strived to be open and understanding toward others’ feelings, opinions, and worldviews, and I always have had compassion for those who tend not to receive much of it from others. I felt that the mental health field is the best way I can use my strengths to give back to others.

I am currently a doctoral student in Northwest University’s PsyD program in counseling psychology, through which I’ve received quality education and training in providing therapy as well as conducting psychological assessments. Outside of this, I’ve worked with children with developmental and intellectual disabilities for several years, working one-on-one with them to improve their skills and accomplish goals, while at the same time doing fun activities with them in the community. I’ve also had experience as a home health aide, where I spent a great deal of time with adults with acquired disabilities, who often had co-occurring mental health needs or simply appreciated someone who was there for them beyond just helping with their daily activities.

In my free time, I love to do outdoor activities like going to the beach, dog parks, camping, hiking, or paddleboarding on lakes and rivers. I also love spending time with friends and family, finding new music, watching good shows and movies, listening to podcasts, reading, making new recipes, and making artwork.

At Sandbox Therapy Group, I hope to gain more therapeutic skills and experience so I can become as effective as I can in helping people improve their mental health and their lives. I am excited to work together with experienced professionals to learn and grow as a clinician, providing both therapeutic and psychological testing services with their supervision and guidance.