Katrina Holsanther



MA in Counseling Psychology, Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

Katrina’s background is working with people from all walks of life in community mental health.  While attaining her degree, she also spent years as an in-home caregiver, helping with daily tasks, and coordinating with families.  She is passionate about seeing individuals thrive and find peace regardless of the trauma they have experienced. She is excited working with a younger population and did so for most of a decade as a volunteer in youth groups, a camp counselor, and a mentor.

Katrina uses a relational, psychodynamic approach, combined with a variety of perspectives and methodology, including: mindfulness, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and interpersonal psychotherapy. She believes in working individually with each client to discover which approach will produce the best results for them.

Katrina specializes in the following:
– Anxiety                            – PTSD/trauma
– Depression                     – Recovery/history of addiction
– Grief and loss                 – Cognitive behavioral therapy
– LGBTQ+                           – Mindfulness-based Cognitive therapy