Michaela Godsey



Michaela has worked in various settings with a passion for meeting the needs of those struggling with a variety of mental health and substance abuse issues over the last fifteen years. In her clinical work, she specializes in working with trauma survivors, individuals from diverse backgrounds, co-occurring disorders, and clients with complex needs that require the expertise of an integrated team approach to whole-person wellness. Michaela works with individuals, couples, and families, and works to identify barriers to creating a life worth living through a strengths-based approach. Working from a strengths-based perspective allows each client to identify internal resources and positive supports that can be called upon in the therapeutic process.

Michaela’s clinical orientation is in Humanism, and she works with people using a person-centered approach with the understanding that therapy is a journey that requires willingness on the part of the therapist and the client. The relationship built in the therapeutic alliance is essential to being able to engage wellness and healing. When working at a comfortable pace to build rapport and connection, great things happen. Michaela will listen, working to clarify, and reflect the goals each client identifies for the therapeutic process and will work to help you draw upon internal strengths and resources in making progress on the path to wellness.

Michaela currently lives on Camano Island with her husband, daughter, and all of the animals that make up the funny farm. Michaela holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior from the University of Washington, along with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Michaela is presently working on completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Michaela has been honored to be invited to present on historical and intergenerational trauma, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in various academic and professional settings and is a member of several professional organizations.

Michaela is currently working as a licensed mental health therapist and chemical dependency professional within her community and will be working in the capacity of Psychology Intern here at Sandbox Therapy Group.