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Persephone Steeves, LMHCA

Persephone “Seph” Steeves is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and has earned a Master’s of Science in Art Therapy. She has worked with clients struggling with a variety of issues from traumatic brain injury to major life transitions, stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Seph has also worked with adolescent males in DCF custody within a residential facility. Clients presented with a range of behavioral, emotional and psychiatric difficulties including the history of acts of violence, fire setting, and repeated suicide attempts. She has additionally worked with children aged 3-5 assisting in their developmental, motor, inter-personal and coping skills.  Seph believes in using empathy, wisdom, humor and understanding of emotional processes in order to guide clients on a path of self-discovery. Seph believes in empowering her clients in order to enhance their awareness and that it is through this process that healing can occur and one and return to a state of balance.

Posted by Ryan J. Conley / Posted on 04 Nov
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