Sam Sim



Who am I?

Hello, my name is Sam Sim and I am an intern here in the psychology department at Sandbox Therapy.  I am pursuing a dream of finally attending both graduate school as well as obtaining my LMHC license, as I currently take courses online at Grand Canyon University.  I completed my undergraduate at University of Washington 25 years ago, and I now have the time, passion and maturity to complete school and obtain my degree. During these past 25 years however, my inspiration to pursue my masters degree developed from my ongoing community service and volunteer work to needy families in the Seattle area.  As I have seen lives changed for the better, this only fueled the fire more for me to finally start and obtain my degree.  I am looking forward to finally graduating and pursuing my next chosen career as a Licensed Mental Health and Family Therapist.  And I am confident that Sandbox Therapy will provide the support, tools, resources, and encouragement to journey with me, all along the way.

Why I Chose Sandbox Therapy Group

I chose to be an intern at Sandbox Therapy, for several reasons.  First, I saw that the people that work here are just amazing and genuine human beings.  Not only are the staff, counselors, and therapists profoundly experienced and experts in their field, but they are also genuine, honest, and sincere people as well.  Immediately, when I joined, I was greeted with offers to assist, support, and help with all my career learning endeavors, including shadowing intakes, client sessions and meetings. I knew right away that Sandbox would be an environment whereby I could collaborate with genuine and sincere people but also be in an environment which was helpful and conducive to my personal and career growth from the onset.  The people say much about the character and professionalism here at Sandbox.

My Strengths and Gifts as a Person

At a young age, I experienced several traumatic events in my life including my parents’ separation, moving around to various states quite frequently, as well as growing in dire poverty for most of my youth through adolescence.  As a result of this, this became a source of great distress and grief for me at a young age.  At the same time, this allowed me to develop my inner strength, whereby I learned early on how to be a “survivor”.  This has carried over with me through my adulthood through today and as of today, I have successfully started and managed to fruition three tech company startups, through my sheer determination, hard work but most importantly trying to maintain a positive attitude while persevering.  Therefore, I believe strongly in the therapeutic intervention technique of Motivational Interviewing as well as Solution Focused Brief Therapy.  I believe that people truly desire the best for themselves, and simply need guides, support, care, empathy as well as a solid plan to achieve the goals in terms of where they need to be as productive and healthy people in society.  I believe in the power of positive thinking and goal setting because I personally have gone through it numerous times and am living proof that it works.  I truly believe that everyone needs good examples, leaders and mentors in their lives, who are empowering them to be their absolute best.