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Soo Kim, LMHCA

My name is Soo Kim. I graduated with Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Seattle University. I am currently licensed as CBT and LMCHA and am working towards full licensure. Before entering graduate school, I have worked as a preschool teacher and ABA therapist. In both of these capacities, I enjoyed partnering with diverse families, celebrating each child’s uniqueness and highlighting child’s interests and strengths.

When working with a client and family, I take into consideration various external factors, child’s developmental process, attunement with primary caregiver/s, and trauma. In therapy, I work with client and family to develop personalized treatment goals and plans that are based on client’s interests and strengths. I believe that children learn and develop when they are having fun and build meaningful connections with others. In my free time, I enjoy taking walks, sweating in Zumba classes and spending time with my family and friends.

Posted by Ryan J. Conley / Posted on 04 Nov
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