Yaffa Cohen



I graduated from Columbia University with an MSSW in Social Work and have been practicing for the past 32 years working in the fields of family and children services, and healthcare. Several years ago, I received my MHA from UW, This degree combined with my MSSW provided me with the foundation and knowledge on how to increase quality and provide service excellence within the framework of clinical operations.

At The Sandbox Therapy Group, I am the Clinical Director and Supervisor. I also love doing psychotherapy and carry a small caseload. As a parent of two children, I have been impacted directly by Autism and understand the impact ASD has on a child and family system. I understand the importance of getting the right service at the right time and came to Sandbox with passion and commitment to assure those who need behavioral health can receive them in a safe, timely, efficient, effective, and patient-centered manner in order for all to thrive. In my free time, I love gardening, cooking, traveling, hiking reading, and being with my family and friends.